Link Description
DentalVets You Tube Channel A number of high quality video tutorials available on our own dedicated You Tube channel: DentalVetsUK.
Veterinary Dental Forum The annual VDF is the best and biggest vet dental meeting of the year anywhere in the world. All levels of ability are catered for with seven simultaneous streams plus practical wet labs.
American Veterinary Dental College The website administerd by the dental specialists. The nomenclature section is indispensable as a resource to keep up to date. This section includes descriptions of normal and abnormal bite criteria and many other nuggets of useful information.
Dental Leadership A Zoetis (Pfizer) website dedicated to the development of dentistry within the veterinary profession in the UK. We were resonsible for writing the  newest (2013) version. Contact  your Zoetis  territory manager to obtain your unqiue codekey for the  vet or nurse site.
Veterinary Instumentation Suppliers of surgical and dental instruments. Also UK supplier of MidMark dental machines
Dr. Shipp's Laboratories Great source  for specialist and other vet dental equipment. The company has a long history of innovation in the field. Ordering is very easy from the UK.
IM3: Quality dental machines and accessories. The company now has a local UK sales office (2013).
Henry Schein Animal Health A good UK source of veterinary dental instruments and equipment. Schein is probably the oldest supplier of innovative vet dental instruments
Journal of Veterinary Dentistry The only peer reviewed journal for oral and dental conditions.
Animal Dental Center Baltimore, USA -  A well established facility for hands-on learning. See site for details of residential courses
European Veterinary Dental Society Main site for European vet dental events and to find the programme for the annual European Congress of Veterinary  Dentistry.
European Veterinary Dental College. The website of the specialist college dedicated to the fostering of advanced veterinary dentistry in Europe.
Academy of Veterinary Dentistry The Academy fosters education in advanced veterinary dentistry at a level slightly lower than diploma level. Academy fellowship is well within the range of competent general practitioners
Vet Index The UK veterinary "yellow pages " for all you need to know
Cislak Manufacturing Makers of fine dental instruments
British Veterinary Dental Association The association in the UK dedicated to veterinary dentistry