DentalVets are pleased to welcome Dr Piotr Godziebiewski  as our new full time resident. Piotr is enrolled in the three-year  programme leading to specialist status via the certifying examinations of the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC).

Piotr graduated from the University of Warsaw  in 2006 before relocating to England in 2012. Having gained a taste for veterinary dentistry in small animal practice he took the plunge in May 2017 to enter the pathway to become a registered specialist. We wish him well on his journey.

We had a trip to the zoo this week to see a bear with a sore head - dental caries to be specific. A 1940 study (Hall ER) looked at 360 bear skulls and found caries in 3. This is an 0.8% prevalence. 

Two were young adults and, as in our image, the occlusal surfaces were more severely affected. Berries and fruit are an important part of the diet. Berries have a low pH which can erode enamel. The other possible culprit is honey. This is a fermentable carbohydrate, which is necessary for caries formation. 

Interestingly a similar study in polar bears found no caries - probably due to their strictly carnivorous habits.


BBC Alba showing a visit from the dentist to the Walker at the Highland Wildlife Park  - Saturday 27th February 8.25pm or on iPlayer.




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Mr Norris' story was published in the national press -  from Aberdeen to Nigeria - thanks to a PR initiative by VetsNOW referrals in Glasgow and the rescue shelter where he lives - Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue in Fife. This link will take you there: