We have pleasure in announcing a day course in veterinary dental radiology on 27th May based at East Lothian Yacht Club in North Berwick on the harbour-side. Places are limited so book early. Ian Smith from the iM3 company will be providing generous assistance with equipment - x-ray dental generators and CR scanners. This link provides more information. Accommodation list can be sent on request.

To celebrate the return of the Gannets to the Bass Rock we commissioned a painting, "Vows on the Bass", for our waiting room by the renowned wildlife artist, Lyn Wells.

Lyn is based in the north of Scotland and has a company called Artful Creatures. Her wonderful work can be seen on her website - http://www.artfulcreatures.co.uk/index.asp?pageid=220214

The Bass Rock lies just off North Berwick and hosts more than 150,000 Gannets during the summer months. It is the largest single rock gannetry in the world, described famously by Sir David Attenborough as "one of the wildlife wonders of the world".  When viewed from the mainland, large regions of the surface appear white due to the number of birds and their droppings.
In fact the scientific name for the Northern gannet is Sula bassana. They derive their name from the rock.

John Barrowman recently filmed with us as part of his series for Channel 4 - "John Barrowman's Pet Hospital". John took part in the days' procedures and charmed the staff and clients alike. The series is intended for teatime viewing and will probably air in May this year. John and the crew have also filmed at the Small Animal Hospital, Glasgow University Veterinary School.

We are happy to announce the arrival and installation of our new VistaScan Perio Plus digital x-ray scanner. We believe we are the first practice in the UK to install one.

We believe computed digital radiology (CR)  to provide the best quality radiographs for our veterinary dental cases. The new scanner gives us the capability to scan four plates simultaneously. This means faster imaging and ultimately less anaesthesia time with a gain in quality.

Thanks to Ian Smith (below) from iM3 Dental Ltd for spending a couple of days with us on the installation and helping with staff training.