1. The influence of oral bacteria on tissue levels of Toll-like receptors and cytokine mRNA's in feline chronic gingivostaomatitis and oral health. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology Feb 2013 151(3-4) 263-274 Dolieslager SM, Lappin DF, Bennett D, Graham L, Johnston N, Riggio MP.

2. Novel bacterial phylotypes associated with the healthy feline oral cavity and feline chronic gingivostomatitis. Research in Veterinary Science. Epub ahead of print Dec 19 2012. Dolieslager SM, Bennett D, Johnston N, Riggio MP.

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This article by us was published in Veterinary Times in their 5th November 2012 issue. The article examines the results of a survey performed each year by VetFile with regard to the attitude of vets and nurses to oral and dental conditions and the care they provide. It provides an interesting insight into the "real world" of veterinary practice.

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The FDA pulled no punches with this consumer advice notice. They advise completely against the use of bones in a dog's diet and list ten reasons why. These range from broken teeth , oral injuries and foriegn body imapctions all the way thought the alimentary tract from oesophagus to rectum. Print off this notec and place it in your waiting room..

If there is any doubt in anybody's mind that this advice is not true science you can also quite this paper (Oral & Dental Conditions in Adult African Wild Dog Skulls: Journal of Veterinary Dentistry, Vol 16 No. 2 June 1999 pp 65 -68). This is an elegant study by Steenkamp and Gorrel concluding:

"the spectrum of oral disease seen in wild canids and felids is very similar to domestic carnivores including periodontal disease, traumatic tooth injuries with pulpal exposure, and endodontic complications. Predators with a higher bone content in their diet have a higher prevalence of tooth fractures. These findings suggest that the natural diet of the wild carnivore does not protect the animal from oral and dental disease".

This paper is a useful counterweight to the entrenched opinins of the RMB lobby


Our paper on management of Feline Chronic Gingivitis Stomatitis Syndrome was updated in June 2015.  The link can be found here. 

News headline pinpoints needs for "paradigm shift" in the way vets approach dentistry. Link here - VET TIMES