We have been invited to Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China by AnimalsAsia Foundation. They rescue bears (primarily Moon Bears aka Asiatic Black Bears) which have been used in Bile Farms. These animals often exist in horrific conditions and are rehabilitated by AnimalsAsia. www.animalsasia.org

During our time there

Over 100 UK veterinary practices have now charged us to provide custom courses for their staff. We are able to provide up to five tutors on the day allowing a superb teaching ration for your staff. For full details see our Courses & CPD pages, where a FAQ sheet is available to answer your questions.

Our courses provide the practice with exactly the dental CPD that they want and can target this for staff strategically. Small class sizes ensure good value for money.

If this interests you please contact us by Email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will send you an info pack by return.


We are currently using non-invasive methods of repair for jaw fractures when possible.

In most cases this involves splinting by bonding composite resins to the teeth without the need for k-wires or external fixators. There are limitations with the invasive methods. Jaws have relatively thin bone and contain many important structures (tooth roots/blood vessels/nerves) easily damaged by pins or screws. Cats and small dogs with relatively simple fractures work best. Bigger dogs and more complex fractures may require a combination of composite resin and interdental or interfragmentary wiring. The main advantage is speed of surgery, lack of trauma from implants and reduction in cost. In addition the patient returns to function very quickly.

For some time now Pfizer Animal Health have provided an initiative called "Dental Leadership" to raise the profile of dentistry and provide education for practice personnel. The area reps have available a selection of high quality literature aimed at the client, consulting room staff and reception area staff explaining some home truths about dental conditions. Combined with dental charts, CE seminars, and therapeutic agents (Antirobeā„¢ and Doxirobe) they are determined to make the practitioner more aware of the scale of dental problems and the business potential in addressing the subject properly. Two bursaries per annum are awarded to VN's to attend courses.

Contact your local rep for details or visit the Dental Leadership website.

In 2002, the American Veterinary Dental College and European Veterinary Dental College both formally admitted Norman Johnston as a diplomate.

In 2003 the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons conferred specialist status in Veterinary Dentistry based on credentials submitted covering the previous ten years.

He is now the only person in the world to be fully board certified in veterinary dentistry and oral surgery in the UK, Europe and North America.