The October 2003 meeting of RCVS Council cleared the confusion created over the years regarding what listed VN's were able to do in the oral cavity under Schedule 3 of the Veterinary Surgeons Act.

It is now clear that the RCVS will not allow listed VN's to extract teeth with instruments unless they are already mobile. In addition, work under the gum line (subgingival) or the creation of flaps for periodontal surgery is also now forbidden to non-veterinarians.

These are major changes and will substantially affect the way many practices work as regards dental work. The RCVS make the point that non-listed VN's or non-qualified staff already have no status in this area.

CT and MRI scanning is available at Edinburgh Veterinary School and adds a superb diagnostic dimension for hard to image areas. These images have been very helpful for TMJ problems, caudal mandibles and neoplasms that involve the nasal cavities and the maxilla.