Mr Norris' story was published in the national press -  from Aberdeen to Nigeria - thanks to a PR initiative by VetsNOW referrals in Glasgow and the rescue shelter where he lives - Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue in Fife. This link will take you there:

DentalVets are pleased to welcome Susan Thorne  as our new full time resident. Susan is enrolled in the  programme leading to specialist status via the certifying examinations of American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC).

Susan graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a BSc Honours in Zoology in 2006 before entering Glasgow University Veterinary School where she graduated in 2013.

Our practice has been approved as a residency site by the American Veterinary Dental College as of 20th November 2014. There are 24 approved AVDC  residency sites and only two outside North America. We will offer a three year residency in early 2015. The residency is intended to train and credential a candidate for the AVDC  certifying examination as an approved specialist in dentistry and oral surgery. Candidates are invited to apply with a start date in early 2015.

Dental Radiology Course 12th May 2015 - announcement

We are running another one day course on dental radiology on 12th May 2015. If the demand is high we will also run the same course the day after. The course details can be found here. Spaces are limited to 24. This course is a day of combined theory and practice including small group work using conventional dental x-ray machines and CR digital scanners with PSP phosphor plates. Other digital methods  (DR sensors) and conventional film will be discussed and demonstrated. Cases and interpretation will also be included. The course will be run from the East Lothian Yacht Club on the picturesque harbour in North Berwick - see below. This course is run with the assistance of Ian Smith from iM3.

John Barrowman filmed a day with us earlier in the year and is scheduled to be shown on  Sunday 7th December at 8.30am on Channel 4.

This programme is part of a series which was on every day  during November. John was based in the Glasgow University  Small Animal Hospital for most of the time.